Thursday, 12 January 2017

the shed and garden

This is all produce from our garden

Dad and Grandad have started building a shed (sort of)

by Bryony


It was Daniel's birthday on Thursday, but he was away at a camp so we postponed it until Saturday.  This makes 4 weekend parties in a row - Grandma's birthday, Christmas, Petra and Eva's birthday and now Daniel.
 The mustache came from camp.  Daniel's quite attached to it.
He got a big bucket of undercoat to paint his hideout, and Dad wired in some LED lighting.  We also gave him a bookshelf for it and levelled the floor a bit.

 and Bryony made a Kylo Ren cake
The icing was very black and gave some people tummy aches.  Later we discovered that one ingredient of the food colouring (Green S, E142)has been banned in some countries as unsafe.  Not in New Zealand though.  And the other two (tartrazine and azorubine) are on many lists as ones to avoid.  So no more black cakes.

 We went exploring, and discovered a local walk.

Nice to get some fresh air on a Sunday afternoon.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Christmas and Birthdays

On December the 25th it was Christmas (what a surprise), and this year we went to Taieri mouth to spend time with family.  Lots of food and lots of fun

We went for a stroll through the bush after lunch

The next event was Petra and Eva's birthday

and we had a birthday lunch at the Botanic Gardens

Completely unrelated: the boys decided to paint their nerf guns

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Screen printing

Last year we did a bit of screen printing.  We went to Savemart and bought a whole lot of blank T-shirts (well, all the decent ones we could find, which wasn't all that many, as most T-shirts are already printed).  The kids went on the internet and found pictures they liked, (mostly movie-based as it turned out) and cut the stencils themselves.  I did all the stuff involving paint.  They turned out quite nicely, I think.

Hannah - poppies

Andrew - How to train Your Dragon

Bryony - the White Tree of Minas Tirith, Tolkien
Daniel - B17 (I think)
Daniel - Gandalf, Tolkien

and we made a poster as well


Eva - Toothless from How to train Your Dragon