Saturday, 6 January 2018

Bathroom renovation

About 6 months ago David got fed up with looking at the lino on the walls of our bathroom and decided to do something about it.

Once the lino was gone, we discovered ugly plaster tiles underneath so they had to go too. Also there was a rotten hole in the floor which had to be mended.
 Next there was a bulge in the wall to straighten out, insulation to be installed and signed off on by the council, gib board to go up...

We put up plastic so we could keep using the shower.
This last week or so has been concentrated on the bathroom, with Dad (thanks for the help!) and David working all day on it. Hardboard down on the floor, Seratone on the walls, sealant and glue all over the place, then on Saturday the lino went down. 

Now it looks great, we just have small things to finish off (shower in, door on, mouldings and mirror up etc)
Nearly done!


This afternoon we headed off to Leith Valley for a walk in the Bush.  In December the Scouts had an end-of-year car rally which required us to drive on some streets we hadn't been up before, and when Bryony saw a sign for a bush walk, she stored it away in her memory until today.
Craigieburn was a farm way back in the colonial days of Dunedin, but seems to have been largely reclaimed by the bush as there were remains of buildings and paving at various places along the track.  Petra and Eva particularly enjoyed a swing someone had hung from a huge macrocarpa tree.

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Tiny embroidery

Bryony has discovered covered buttons and has been busy all week doing tiny embroidery to fit onto buttons

Aren't they beautiful?

Bargain of the week (a few weeks ago now)

I saw some plants at Bunnings the other day for $1 each, in reasonably big pots. I didn't recognise the leaves and they had no flowers but when the shop lady told me that they were Gauras I bought all four.
I was pleased when they turned out to be white, and they look lovely in the garden. I have 2 gauras already but they tend to sprawl. These ones are more upright which suits me better

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Craft Project

the other day i bought a book which you cut out and glue into a model of         medieval village and this is my progress so far
  the house in the                                                   the book cover
 the top right hand corner is the "manor"
             the church      

                                       Published by Daniel

Friday, 29 September 2017

Dunedin Brick Show 2017

                   today we went to the dunedin brick show in the edgar centre

                                               bb8 star wars
                                                           kylo rens shuttle
                                                          fight on scarriff
                                                                  finns tie fighter
                                                                        tie interceptor
                                                           hobbit lego

                                                                    harry potter
                                                                 pirates of the carribbean
                                                                       wild west
                                                                  20 century lego
                                                                     lego town and beach
                                                                   WALL-E again
                                                                       logging truck
                                                            space lego
                                                              wild west
                                                                   lego movie
                                                                     lego town
                                                       darth vader destroying rebel troops
                                                           some kind of lego under black light
                                                            nexo knights
                                                             sydney opera house
                                                                  moana lego
                                                                      a clocktower
                                               harry potter waiting at hogsmeade station
                                                                   house tables
                                                           devils snare
                                                                     y-wing crash
                                                              evil bb unit
                                                              star destroyer
                                                 battle on geonosis
                                                     star destroyer
                                                         jawa sandcrawler
                                                          multiple bb-8s
                                                              giant lego set under construction
                                                   milleniem  falcon
                                                       hoth base
                                                        giant star wars people
                                                          some more giant star wars people
                                                        the death star
                                                        star wars vehicles
                                                         general grevious r2 d2 and yoda
                                                           darth maul and R2D2
                                              a royal albatross
                                                      bag end
                                                              battle of the five armies lego
                                                       a rocket
                                                           tiny rocket
                                                carnivorous plant
                                                            gollums cave
                                             my creation (wayne manor from lego batman)
                                                     ewok forest
                                                    grave yard duel
                                                           deathstar destroying scariff
                                                               the imperial shuttle
                                                         ewok village
                                                                 wild west
                                                          indian beside canoe
                                                            star wars stuff
                                                      more star wars

the end

published by Daniel